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    Check out these Funny Birds images:

    Funny Birds

    Image by vasta
    Everywhere I went in Sydney, I’d run into these funny birds. Impossible to escape them.

    Funny birds

    Crazy times with parrots.
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    Bird feeders
    Funny Birds

    Image by Timmargh
    There’s a blue tit on there somewhere

    Question by Emmy: What is your favorite quote (from famous people, movies, books random, funny etc.)?
    (from famous people, movies, books random, funny etc.)

    mine would have to be
    Juan Ramon Jimenez -if they give you ruled paper write the other way

    if it is from a book or movie or person please tell me who or what book/movie

    Best answer:

    Answer by Not the Fallen
    Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself -George Bernard Shaw

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