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    Some cool Funny Dogs images:

    2008-07-31 Chasing that funny dog
    Funny Dogs

    Image by [ henning ]
    Endless trial to tire a dog by the sea
    At a camping holiday at the Bay of Greifswald (German: Greifswalder Bodden), a basin in the southwestern Baltic Sea, off the shores of Germany in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
    Being there for twelve days at the campsite Trassenheide (Google Maps).
    From there we (my friends Bärbel, Bernd and his two sons) did several tours into the surroundings. This is a collection of a few pics.

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    funny dogs
    Funny Dogs

    Image by underdutchskies

    Question by gothic_marionette: What is the weridest/craziest thing your dog did to get your attention?
    I’ve wanted my dog to eat dry food for the longest time since she’s so picky and that’s the better choice. At night in my room I can hear her in the kitchen eating kibble straight from the bowl. When I’m in the livingroom, my husky would grab some kibble from the bowl, go right up to me, spit them out on the floor and eat it in front of me so I can praise her. It’s funny how dogs are so much like humans and the things they do for your attention.

    Best answer:

    Answer by Nicole F
    That is very funny my dog after he see’s our new cat he usually chases her but sometimes he’ll see her and walk up to us whimpering as if to say see I’m such a good boy I didn’t chase the cat now give me a cuddle and he sometimes acts like such a clown.

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