• Vicious Chihuahua

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    A few nice maltese dog images I found:

    Vicious Chihuahua
    maltese dog

    Image by Athenamama
    Jackie at a very young age establishing her dominance. Is it any wonder why she rules the roost even to this day?

    Brother and Sister
    maltese dog

    Image by Athenamama

    Question by philosopher-filosofo: What do I need to bring a dog from Mexico to the US?
    I want to bring my dog from Mexico but I don’t know what to do. I wonder if she needs a “passport” or something like that or just pay for the flight ticket for her.

    she is a maltese dog of 3 months old.

    thanks for your help

    Best answer:

    Answer by Abiola Ajibola
    Just get a kennel for her. You may also have to pay for logistics.

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    Afternoon Nap
    maltese dog

    Image by Athenamama

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